Why you should hold your next office party at the stadium

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Having office parties allows its staff to share something apart from work. It’s important that bosses, managers, leaders and the rest of the higher-ups, encourage a work-life balance amongst their subordinates to prevent harmful effects of being overloaded with work-related concerns such as stress, pressure, and tension.

Office parties provide opportunities to let loose. And while there are a lot of venues to consider, why not set an eye on a stadium for this event? Here are cool reasons you may want to look at.

  1. It’s extraordinary.

With this kind of venue hire, it’s like no other. A stadium offers thousands of square feet of space. Gazillion fun ideas could be brought up that themes available for consideration are limitless. This much accommodation with access to facilities like restrooms with individual showers, training rooms, the bleachers, a playing field, hotdog, and booze stands? It will for sure be loads of fun.

  • Stress-free when it comes to parking.

Besides the mentioned space for the function itself, there’s absolutely parking for everybody. This assures the people of safety which makes the whole partying experience better.

  • You can go casual.

Leave the closed-toe heels, nerve-racking ties and constricting suits in the office. Of course, this would depend on the theme though. But more or less, any party that would be held in a stadium don’t require you to dress up to impress. Everybody has the license to be comfortably dressed in sneakers and short pants without being judged. This can be an opportunity to express your care-free yet still decent self.

Stadium dining
  • Safety is somehow assured.

Usually, tickets are required so, more likely, it’s your officemates that will be coming in, saturating it with people that you know one way or another. There are lockers that you could avail of if you want stuff guarded while you party. Parking also is guarded by resident security assistance.

First-aid kits and facilities are present and these stadia may be accessed by the ambulance in no time.

  • Facilities are provided already.

Electrical power is provided and it has adequate backup generator power in case a blackout happens. There are high-tech video boards, television and state-of-the-art video system that may be used. While TVs are usually located through the entire Stadium concourse, it has a voice-over projector that can access anybody even while they are in the toilet. That being said, there are a lot of toilet rooms surrounding a stadium with a good water supply and is provided for with tissues and paper towels. Access for PWD’s is provided. Stadia are usually outfitted with intercoms equipped with a singly-channelled accessible system that comes with wireless headsets that may be checked out during the event and returned after.

  • It has instant access to emergency equipment and service.

There are fire sprinklers, smoke sensors, and fire extinguishers. Its fire control system and emergency systems (police access, lights) are intact. Since it still stands as an established public venue, access to emergency contacts are set. Its location was made accessible to fire trucks, ambulances, and police vehicles if needed.

  • Fireworks.

Probably the best part of conducting an event in a stadium is that the fireworks may be booked provided there is a pyrotechnician present.

  • Capacity.

Stadia always provide outrageous sitting capacity. While there is general admission also known as “festival seating”, there are certain stadia that possess half-house and theatre configurations transforming it into a more intimate setting.

Possibilities of fun, play and creating memories are just endless if you decide on conducting your party in a stadium. There’s a higher chance of enjoyment, relaxation, and

camaraderie — since families of each staff member could be invited to join. Somehow it strengthens a company’s appeal to its employees when they consider all of these in conducting company party events like this.

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