3 simple steps for cooling down

cool down after exercise

A short cool-down interval can help you transition from vigorous exercise back to regular life.

  1. Gentle exercise

Transition from your primary workout to 3 to 5 minutes of mild exercise.

The motions done here should resemble your primary workout but done at a lower intensity. If you just went for a run, by way of example, cool down with a couple of minutes of fast walking. A cool-down after strength training may contain repetitions of a prior lift but done in a considerably reduced resistance or weight.

2. Static stretching

A static stretch necessitates holding a stretch pose for a brief period, usually 30 to 45 seconds. (Dynamic stretching involves active moves.) Static stretching helps to increase flexibility.

3. Healthful re-fueling

Eating and drinking healthily within 3 hours of exercising is essential to your recovery.

Avoid sports drinks which are high in calories and sugar.

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