Privileges of being a member in stadiums

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There are so many benefits to be a member of different stadiums and events.
Each stadium will come with different benefits.

Here are a few examples of stadiums that have good benefits:

The Bendigo stadium

The Bendigo stadium has a social club member where you pay $5 and you receive a 10% discount off drinks and bistro meals. Plus, you can gain access to different members draw and discounts that they have throughout the year.
If you have a membership at the Bendigo club then you are entitled to the following:

  • Earn loyalty points
  • Access to the weekly member draws
  • 10% off food and drinks
  • No need to sign in

Each time that you play the pokies you get points that can be redeemed for prizes or cash in the showcase. You can check how many points you have at the reception or gaming room. Your points will expire October 31st each year.

There are many tiers in the loyalty program, and each comes with different benefits. When you are a loyalty rewards member it will entitle you to special promotions and benefits. When you earn a certain amount of points you can move up to the next level for better rewards.

How do I earn points?

You can earn points by using your card each and every time you go to the club. When you make a purchase at the bottle shop, bar or bistro you just insert your card and then it will automatically be added to your account. You may be entitled to various other benefits upon reaching a certain limit of points which you can use in any restaurant or bar within to stadium t avail various discounts and offers.

Enthusiastic fans


In 2019 the GIANTS members will get points for going to their home games and by scanning the card on entry. The more games you play the more points you are able to collect and can then be transferred for merchandise and different experiences which you can get from the GIANTS app. The experiences are examples like taking part in a pre-game guard of honour or even running out drinks at a training session and getting to go out on the ground during the breaks. Just start by scanning your membership card and you will soon be closers to those experiences than you thought possible.

The member can scan their card at the gates before they enter the GIANTS stadium at each home game. The points will get uploaded to your personal account within the week following the home match. The application fee for membership is $50.


You can become part of the SCG family you will get entry to all the scheduled sporting fixtures that are staged at the SCG with good premium seating and the facilities at the ladies stand, MA noble stand and the pavilion on the match days. There is a one-off fee that becomes payable upon the application with an annual fee of $30 to stay on the membership list. You get access to attend two matches at the member’s reserve.  You will get membership deals on merchandise, corporate events and even deals on tours. This also provides you with the perk of informing you about various events way, much in prior before the tickets get close to being sold out. Get your firsthand privileges upon being the member here.

There are so many benefits to gain from being a member and you can be a member for as many different stadiums as you like so you can just imagine the number of offers, discounts and special prizes you can get access to. Various stadiums even have their ever exclusive medallion clubs available which provides various perks to their members.

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